Newsthe site of the moreton bay wildlife hospital

It is with great excitement that we announce the location of the Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital. We are delighted to announce that Moreton Bay City Council has allocated the hospital a site at Dakabin.

Finding a suitable site for the hospital has been a year-long process with many considerations.

  • A central location in the city of Moreton Bay. Finding a site that would mean shorter travel times for rescuers and volunteers was essential. Equally, we needed to account for the new development occurring in Caboolture, Morayfield and Narangba and the potential increased demand for hospital services from these areas.
  • A future-proofed site. We needed an area big enough to house the hospital and allow for potential expansion.
  • An accessible site. We needed a place that would be easy to access, especially at night, to ensure safe passage for rescuers and staff.
  • A flat site. A flat site meant a more straightforward build and would reduce engineering costs.
  • Tree free. Being a wildlife hospital, we didn’t want to be removing trees to enable us to build.

You can see the extensive wish list, which is why it took so long for this part of the process. The Moreton Bay City Council Environment Team was integral to this process.

The suburb of Dakabin

Dakabin means grass tree or grassroots in the Yugarabul language.

The Eastern Boundary is shouldered by the Bruce Highway and the hospital is located on this boundary, almost opposite to Costco but on the other side of the highway. This means it will be easy for rescuers to use the highway to reach the hospital, (or back roads in the event the highway is not accessible). It is the perfect location.

Moreton Bay City Council announced the allocation of land for the Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital on the 21st July 2023.